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Garden Kneelers and Stools: why you should use them

Whether you’re a keen gardener or just a beginner looking to keep their greens ‘in trim’, it’s highly likely you’ve overlooked the one ‘must have tool’ ….garden kneelers and stools.

What’s the point of having the latest gardening tools – mowers, shears, clippers etc. – if you’re missing out on the one tool that will give you the most benefit, whatever your gardening goals are?

Here’s four big reasons to be using garden kneelers and stools :-


If you’re comfortable, it’s highly likely you will work that bit harder or that little bit longer. When you use garden kneelers and stools, they put you in a far more comfortable gardening position as even the most basic kneeler protects your knees by resting them on a protective – often cushioned – platform.

Likewise when using a garden stool, if you can sit and work then you will not only be more comfortable, but will also save energy and strain – which of course your can put more effort into your gardening with, therefore gardening more, better and longer!


In this day and age, we’re far more considerate and knowledgeable about our health and wellbeing, especially towards looking after our bodies in our younger years to enjoy our senior years better.

By using garden kneelers and stools, we can avoid pain, discomfort and strain on our bodies, which could help alleviate injuries and ill-health, especially arthritis or strain-related problems.

So by investing in garden kneelers and stools, we can enjoy many more gardening years and remain comfortable.


In some of the more advanced models of garden kneelers and stools, there are fitted compartments for tools and items, so we can be far more organised when gardening.

Imagine if you didn’t have to keep walking backwards and forwards picking up small gardening tools and materials, when instead you could store them in a drawer on a moveable garden stool or garden seat?

Not only will this save energy, but time also will be saved, thus meaning you enjoy relaxing sitting on your garden kneelers and stools once the work is finished earlier!


What price will you put on your own good health? Even if you were to buy basic, entry-level models of garden kneelers and stools, you can be reassured you’re getting value and benefits back in protecting your health and saving time and energy in the garden.

Some common features of garden kneelers and garden stools you will benefit from :-

  • lightweight
  • practical
  • protective
  • cushioned/padded
  • storage spaces
  • easily manoeuvred (some models even have rollers to save carrying!)

So, know you’ve seen the benefits of garden kneelers and garden stools, can you really afford to do the gardening without one?

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